Unopened Gifts

Christmas tree

The tradition in our home is that on Christmas Eve morning, after breakfast and after mommy has had her coffee, the kids get to open their presents from DJ and I.

These are the gifts they’ve been looking at under the tree for weeks.

By Christmas Eve, the bows are flat and ribbon is no longer curled, as the kids have rearranged and checked the tags on the packages time and time again.

As I was watching my three children open their gifts this morning, tissue paper flying every which way and smiles all around – I couldn’t help but think of the Christmas gifts that will go unopened this year.

For the moms and dads in Connecticut who will not have the joy of watching their babies open the gifts they were so excited to give them.

For the husbands and friends who will not share in the excitement of exchanging gifts with the one they loved after a teacher or staff member risked her own life to protect the students.

And for all the others who lost a loved one this year: whether through a tragic accident, illness or unexpected circumstance.

My heart breaks as I can’t imagine the grief that must come with looking at the unopened gifts sitting under the tree.

My thoughts and prayers are with all those who aren’t experiencing the Christmas they imagined.
I pray they find peace and comfort in our Heavenly Father and are surrounded with the love of family and friends.

May I always do my best to appreciate the time I have with my family as I understand just how quickly everything can change.

I want to be thankful – for everything I have.

I also pray for my family and yours – may we enjoy the moments, whether big or small; never take for granted the gift that we have been given, and celebrate all that truly matters.

May your heart be full this Christmas.