5 Gifts No One Should Get Today

Taron's bear

My friend Taron posted the picture of this bear on Facebook the other day.

Her caption read: If you somehow end up with this from your Valentine you should reevaluate the relationship.

It made me laugh and got me thinking of what other odd (yet appropriate) gifts were being marketed as something your special someone would like to receive today.

Here are five odd Valentine gifts I can’t believe anyone is actually giving…


1. The bacon bouquet

bacon bouquet

I know this one may be up for some debate, especially considering how much most people love bacon. But come on! This isn’t fresh, crispy bacon hot off the grill. This is old, dry, cold bacon that has been twisted around a stem and leaves. Gross!


 2. Man baby pictures

man babies

This is just creepy in my opinion but apparently somebody somewhere likes it. Simply send in a picture of a dad with his kid and in just a matter of minutes you’ll get a picture similar to the one above. Because who wouldn’t want to hang that on the wall?!?


 3. Dual gloves Dual gloves for him and her

Like to hold hands but don’t like your hands to get cold? Well thank goodness for dual gloves! The best of both worlds. I especially like the outline of the hands on the outside of the gloves – just to assure you’re doing it right. But what happens if you’re walking down a busy street and someone tries to walk in between you? Uh-oh!


 4. Heart on a platter

heart on a platter

What’s the whole point of Valentine’s day? Letting those around you know how much you love them right? Well if you’re not so good at saying it, why not offer someone a gelatin mold of your heart on a platter. Oh yum…


5. Love bear footie jammies

Bear heart Pj's

Because nothing says Happy Valentine’s day like matching love bear footie jammies that cover nearly every square inch of your body.


Happy Valentine’s Day! And if you do happen to receive one of the gifts pictured above, I hope you’ll find joy in knowing you’re probably the only person that did.