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A Desire to Create


Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve had this desire to create.

I remember spending hours sitting at my mom’s old sewing machine making scrunchies for my friends. Fabrics covered in an array of florescent colors or Tweety Bird were all the rage back then.

Later it turned into pens with fake flowers on top and green tape down the base for the “stem”.

Now that I’m older it’s painted mason jars, hand painted clothes and totes, wood signs and even writing children’s books.

Pinterest has given me a plethora of creative ideas to try my hand at – and I do, because I enjoy it, it calms me when I’m stressed and it makes me happy.

When I sit down to create something, my goal is to have it turn out the way I’m envisioning it – I want it to be beautiful.

I want to create something that I’m proud to give away.

But sometimes I feel like it’s not enough.

Mason jars break, clothes are outgrown and books get lost on the shelf.

While that’s not reason enough to make me stop, it does push me to do more.


I want to create beauty with my words, my attitude and my actions.


I believe the impression you make on a person always remains.

When someone treats you poorly, is disrespectful or rude – you don’t forget it. And even if that individual apologizes and tries to change, you still remember.

In the same way when someone is kind to you, considerate, and makes you feel good about yourself – you don’t forget.

When someone uses their words, attitude and actions to make others feel important, valued and loved – something beautiful has been created.

That’s the kind of life I want to live.

Because while I will always enjoy making and giving away gifts that I have created by hand, I believe the gifts that have the longest impression of beauty are displayed with how I treat others.