A Treasured Possession

mom's bible

My mom’s bible sits on a shelf in my house.

It’s old and worn, and the binding is falling apart.

It’s a translation I don’t ever read and her maiden name inscribed on the front proves its age.

Yet it’s something I’ll always keep.

Her handwritten notes scribbled inside and favorite highlighted verses are what make it so important to me.

My mom loved sharing God’s love with everyone she could.

Years of leading bible studies, hosting life groups, mission trips and serving faithfully at church proved this.


But it was the faith she modeled at home that had the greatest impact.


My mom taught me the importance of reading my bible and how simple prayers can sometimes be the best kind.

She taught me how to trust in God’s plan and how to truly love people – all people – like Jesus does.

She taught me not to worry about things we cannot explain – like what Heaven will be like, but to simply trust that it’s better than anything we could ever imagine.

Her unwavering faith throughout the trials of life had a huge impact on me as a teenager, and have played a major role in shaping the person I am today.

On the night of my dad’s accident when the doctor finished describing the state my dad was in and how it was very unlikely that he would make it through the night, the first words out of my mom’s mouth were “I need to call people and have them pray.”

She wasn’t angry, she didn’t break down, she didn’t question what God was doing in that moment – she knew we needed prayer.

The day she was given two months to live was the hardest day of my life; I’m sure it had to be hers too.

I’m certain she had to have times in those last 14 days where she was afraid, heartbroken and completely unsure of what God was doing – but I never saw them.

Instead she made promises.

Promises that everything would be okay if I continued to trust in God’s plan and a promise that she would always watch over me.

Both I believe have held true.


My mom may no longer be here, but the faith she modeled remains.


And her bible that sits on my shelf is in some ways a reminder to me – a reminder to try my best to model a similar faith for my own children.

It’s not just an old, worn, book.

It’s a treasured possession.