I See Your Light


DJ and I have been a part of the same church for nine years now.

That means kids who were in children’s ministry when I started, are now considered adults.

While some have left and moved on – there are still those I keep in touch with. Many I even continue to see on Sunday mornings.

Watching these young adults grow makes me feel old.

I still remember them as children; running through the Kid’s Life building – holes in their tights or their button up shirts struggling to stay tucked in.

Sweaty and full of energy, they were always asking where the candy bowl was hiding.

Now I watch as they learn to drive, graduate, move away to college, and get jobs.

I watch as they grow and learn and thrive.

And I’m so proud of them.

Sometimes though, I watch as they struggle – try to figure out who they are, what their purpose is.

And it’s difficult because I want to help them.

When I see them stumbling, questioning, and choosing paths I don’t agree with – I want to intervene.

I want to get them to stop.

I want to ask why.

I want to protect them from bad choices.

I want to tell them what to do.

I want to fix it.

But I can’t.

That’s not what I’m here for.

I’m here to let them know they’re loved, and to remind them of the potential they hold.

I’m here to encourage them, to give them grace, and to keep them in my prayers.

I’m here to continue to see the light inside of them, even when they may not see it in themselves.

I’m just here.

And I hope that’s enough.

I pray all the time for the kids of NWLife Church.

The ones who currently fill the game rooms with laughter and the ones who have grown and moved on.

Some of these kids have been through more than most can imagine.

And even through the pain, they’re still filled with this beautiful light.

I see it in them.

I love these kids.

And even as they grow to be adults, they have a special place in my heart.

They challenge me, grow me and fill my life with joy.

I pray they always feel loved, welcomed, and accepted in our church home and by every member of our church family.

I pray they keep God in the center of their lives and never forget He’s always there for them – even though the trials.

I’m so grateful that I have been given the opportunity to be a part of their lives – even if it’s in the smallest of ways.

I’m better because of them.