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London’s DIY Teepee


I’ve been crazy about this whole teepee craze since I noticed them on Pinterest last year.

What a great place for the kids to play and let their imaginations run wild.

And bonus – they’re adorable.

All the great teepees you’ll find online cost over $150 – even ones I found on Craigslist and Offer Up were only marked down to around $120 and that simply isn’t in the budget.

And most DIY instructions I found on Pinterest to build your own, still cost over $100 in fabric and included sewing which simply isn’t in my repertoire.

I finally found instructions for a DIY, No-Sew, budget friendly teepee.



The only supplies needed are:

  • 4 – 6ft wood dowels (1.25″) – $9.48 each
  • 1 – 6x9ft natural canvas drop cloth – $10.98
  • 1 spool of natural sisal rope – $5.48
  • 4 small screws and washers – already had on hand


I bought all my supplies from Home Depot and spent a total of $60.00


I started off by painting the wood dowels to match the new bed that DJ recently made for London.


Once the dowels were dry, I drilled a hole through all four of them – six inches down.


Next, I stood the dowels up to form the shape I wanted for the teepee – with the two back dowels spread further apart than the front ones.

After I had it shaped the way I wanted, DJ and I began to run the sisal rope through each of the holes and then continued to wrap it around the top of the dowels until we felt it was secure and gave us the look we wanted. This step is much easier with two people, so grab a pair of extra hands if possible.

Next I opened up the drop cloth and folded it in half to find the middle.

I then screwed the very top middle of the drop cloth to the top of the back of the teepee, directly under the rope.


Now all you have to do is drape it around until you get the desired look you’re going for.

I placed another screw at the foot of one of the back dowels and the other two on the front dowels, just to make sure everything stayed in place.

There will be a lot of drop cloth remaining at the front of the teepee, which can either be used as “doors”, or rolled and tucked under which is what I did for the picture.

And that’s it.

No sewing and no budget-breaking needed.

London loves her new teepee and I love the way it looks in her room.

Eventually I’d like to hang some small twinkle light from the inside just to give it more of a magical touch.

If you make one of your own, be sure to let me know!