Peace and Rest – A Book Review

Brian's book


Writing and publishing your first book is a dream that not all will bring to reality.

Putting years of your thoughts, stories, and experiences down on paper takes time, discipline, and focus.

Then there’s the proofing, editing, formatting and the second guessing…

But when it finally comes to completion – it’s nothing short of a great accomplishment.

And when your good friend completes their very first book, you’re eager to share in the excitement with them.

My family has known Brian Dolleman and has called him Pastor and friend for the past seven years.

Brian has an incredible gift for writing which is apparent from the thought-provoking, enlightening, and humorous material he posts on his website

Brian’s book “An Invitation to Peace & Rest: In a World of Strain and Stress” is something that will appeal to everyone.

It’s not just for pastors or those involved in ministry, it’s for individuals who are searching for more peace and rest in their relationship with God.



I found this book to be relevant, refreshing and encouraging. Thoughts are well organized, chapters flow together, and I can hear Brian’s voice as I read it. It’s filled with personal stories; some which will make you laugh, others will make you cry. It’s also filled with biblical truths.


Brian will tell you he was surprised that this idea became his first book. In his own words he says “I have a stockpile of ideas and outlines that I would have imagined using before ever approaching this subject… but the truth is, God was dealing with ME about this issue of peace and rest. I felt compelled to write it.”

Each chapter ends with a summary – the big ideas of the chapter, and questions, which make it great for a Life Group, or personal study.

One of my favorite parts from the book is Brian’s paraphrase of the 23rd Psalm.


It reads:

I have all the supply and strength I need.

I have peace.

And I have rest.

 I’m headed in the right direction

because my Shepherd is guiding me.

 Even when the way is clouded-over,

a dark valley that smells like death, threatening and

depressing – I am not afraid of anything.

 I have God WITH me.

I am protected.

I am comforted.

I am refreshed.

 I am honored and blessed – both in front of my friends

and those who don’t like me.

 Unlimited grace and unconditional love follow me

everywhere I go.

 I am secure in my place, calm and confident.

I am home. I am family. This is where I belong.

 All of this is not because of me. It’s all because of Him…

My God, my Shepherd.

The Hero of my story.



Bottom line:

You should buy this book because you need to read it.

You can purchase it from Amazon in paperback form or for your Kindle by clicking here.

Also, after reading it, you should leave a review on Amazon because it’s an extremely kind thing to do.

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I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

Congrats PB. We’re proud of you.