First Steps


This kid right here turns 11 this month.

11 on the 11th actually.

His big golden birthday and he’s been sure to remind us of that fact more than a few times.

I remember being so worried when I found out I was pregnant with Carter. At only 21 years of age and a year into married life – he wasn’t on our agenda yet, but he showed up anyways.

He really has been the best “1st kid.”

Kind, forgiving, and smart as heck.

When you have your first, you kind of just make it up as you go and hope you don’t mess up too bad – at least I feel like that’s what we did.

Looking at Carter now, I know by the grace of God, that DJ and I have done pretty well so far.

I’m trying not to think too much about what the teenage years will hold…

I shared recently on a Sunday morning at my church how I missed Carter’s very first steps.

He was staying with my Mother-in-law and she called to share the news while I was sitting in an airport.

I was so upset that I had missed it.

My first child’s very first steps.

You don’t really get that moment back.

But over the years, as Carter has gotten older, I’ve been so blessed to watch him take some other incredibly significant first steps.

It was two years ago at our Kid’s Life summer camp at the Great Wolf Lodge that I watched my boy raise his hand for the very first time because he was ready to ask Jesus to be his forever friend.

Last May I had the extreme honor of baptizing him in front of our church family; and although I cried like a baby throughout the entire thing, it was still such a special moment.


Now I sit and watch as Carter begins serving around the church and looking for all different ways that he can be helpful and involved.

A few weeks ago on a particularly rainy Sunday, he grabbed an umbrella from the church lobby and walked people into church from their cars.

He’s already helping out a ton in our Kid’s ministry by running the sound and computer and he’s saving up his money because he’s got big plans to purchase a bass guitar and join the worship team in a few years.

He no longer wants to play during our Big Gives – he’d rather be put to work; a part of the team.

And sometimes, early in the morning, he’ll join me downstairs while I’m doing my bible reading – his bible in hand.


I absolutely love watching Carter take all these first steps in his relationship with the Lord, and in serving the church and people.



It makes this momma’s heart swell up with such pride, and I know this is only the beginning.

So although I may have missed Carter’s actual first steps, you better believe I’m paying close attention to all these other steps he’s taking and I’m cheering him on!

I’m so proud of my boy, and super thankful God chose me to be his mom.