The Heart of a Mother


How can one define the heart of a mother?

It cannot be boxed or categorized or specified

Because no two mothers are exactly the same

There are those who birthed their own children – experiencing the weight gain, the nesting and the labor pain

There are those who were chosen, selected, handpicked, to grow their family through the process of adoption

There are mothers who may have no natural children of their own – but they open up their home time and time again to share the love they bear with their foster kids

There are those who nurture and love and encourage you to grow – even though you don’t share a name, it doesn’t matter it’s all the same

There are mothers who have felt the pain that none can contain of saying goodbye too soon to the one they adore

And there are those who wait, who anticipate, the greatest desires of their heart

All are different, but all are mothers just the same

A mother is filled with strength, dignity and hope

Her love has no end, knows no bounds, and cannot be erased

She gives of her time, her wisdom and her faith

She has more determination, tenacity and courage to give it whatever it takes

And her face radiates with beauty, elegance and with grace

She is a gift, a treasure, a blessing.

So to all the women

The moms, the grandmas, the aunts, the sisters, and friends,

The love you give

The encouragement you share

The secrets you hold on to

The help you extend

The time you commit

and the prayers you pray –

It’s what makes your heart so special.