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Are You A Hummingbird Or A Buzzard?


I ran across this picture online the other day and was immediately intrigued by it.

Not only because now I want a giant chalkboard above my couch in the family room, but also because of the message beautifully written across it.

It reads: I want to be a hummingbird in a world of buzzards.

I wondered why someone would choose to write that specific saying – and then I began to think of what I know about hummingbirds and buzzards…

We have a hummingbird feeder in our backyard. Each spring we fill it with sugar water, and sure enough we always get a few visitors. The kids enjoy watching them come by for a drink and love how they flap their wings so incredibly fast you almost can’t even see them.

The hummingbirds also enjoy checking out the flowers we have planted around the yard. Anything colorful seems to draw their attention. It’s always a treat when they visit.

I did a little research on the hummingbird, and it turns out they’re attracted to bright, beautiful colors, living things and sweet smells. It’s what they spend their day searching for.

I like that about the hummingbird.


Earlier this year DJ and I took the kids to the zoo. While we were there we paid a visit to the bird exhibit. In front of one of the cages was a giant sign that read –

Caution: Feeding in progress. Images may be disturbing for some.

So of course we had to check it out.

For the next several minutes we watched as a buzzard gorged himself on a dead goat.

It was disgusting and my boys loved it.

Buzzards are the birds you typically see in cartoons, flying around just waiting for something to die.

That’s what they do.

They’re attracted to bland colors, and the smell of decay.

They spend their day searching for dead things.

I don’t think I’d enjoy having a buzzard in my backyard.


So the question is – are you more like a hummingbird or a buzzard?

Or maybe a different way to look at it is – do you focus on the positive or the negative?

I understand we all have our rough days, when we’re not feeling much like a beaming ray of sunshine, or an over caffeinated hyperactive tiny bird – but a woe-is-me, decaying attitude doesn’t seem like the right response either.

I feel like social media tends to become a feeding ground for hungry buzzards … an easy way to complain about anything and everything.

Let’s spread some positive energy around my friends.

Every single day we have a choice to make, we get to decide what our attitude will look like. We are the ones that will decide if we’re going to focus on the good or pick out all the bad.

What will you spend your day searching for?

Find the beauty in each day, the colorful, the joyful – life. Don’t get held up on the nasty, the stinky, and the decay.

Be more like a hummingbird and leave the buzzards for the cartoons.