How Do You See Beauty?


Recently I spoke at my church on the topic of beauty.

I shared ways that we as individuals have the ability to see the beauty over the ugly in this world – we just have to make the decision to do so.

I also shared how God took what happened on the cross, one of the ugliest things imaginable, and He turned it into something beautiful. Death was defeated and the world was redeemed and it was all by the blood of Jesus.

I then went on to share ways that I see beauty.

These are things that make me happy, fill me with joy and make me excited for a new day.

Things that bring a smile to my face and make me want to take a picture so that I can share it with my world.


Here are some of the ways I see beauty.

I see beauty in:

The eyes of my daughter when she smiles and throws her head back in a full belly laugh

The faces of my kids when they include one another, play nicely together, and speak kindly to each other

In a crowded dinner table – filled with food, and surrounded with friends

In my amazing little nieces and nephew who already radiate the love their parents show them

In the trees as their leaves begin to change color to the most radiant yellow and orange – letting me know that my favorite season is approaching

In an old piece of forgotten furniture that is crying out for a second chance at life

In a well-organized home

In the love that my husband shows me every day

In the hearts of the kids at NWLife, when they worship Jesus and serve around the church

When my dad shares something he remembers about my mom

In the paintings my friend Angie spends so much time perfecting

In my very most favorite pumpkin dessert that my friend Nicole makes

When Pastor Kyle sings a song on this platform that he has written

When Pastor Brian shares what God has placed on his heart for the vision of our church

When I watch Shaun and Alison Jones hold their precious baby girl Georgia

And I will always remember the beauty in my mom’s eyes when our house was full of people because those were always her favorite times.


So now it’s your turn – how do you see beauty?

Anything at all – it’s simply whatever brings you joy.


If you’d like to watch, here is the video of the message at NWLife.

03.06.16 – One Wild Life Intro from NWLifeChurch on Vimeo.