#weKin Kids


There are so many things I love about spending my Sundays with the kids in my church.

Of course the fact that the Kid’s Life building is a loud, fun, brightly colored, filled with laughter kind of place brings its own appeal.

And the individuals who make up the Kid’s Life team, make serving a blast.

But mostly, it’s about the kids.


Kids make life fun and there’s no doubt they do the same for our church.


Their smiling faces, great stories, contagious laughter, and endless energy are a big part of what makes Sunday my favorite day of the week.

Worshiping with these kids, hearing them pray, listening to their questions about the bible, and watching as they grow closer in their relationships to Jesus is like the icing on the cake.

I love that my team and I get to be a part of their lives; we get to watch them grow.

And whether it’s helping out around Kid’s Life, memorizing a new bible verse, or serving at one of our Big Gives – we’re always so proud of them.

One thing that happens almost on a weekly basis, and is so encouraging to see, is how these kids have the ability to quickly welcome and include one another.

A new child walking through the bright green doors of the Kid’s Life building will immediately be welcomed in and included in a game of 4-square, or challenged to a match of carpet ball.

We don’t have strangers in Kid’s Life, we don’t have “new kids” that sit in the back, quiet and lonely by themselves.

We have friends (even if we just met), we’re family – and that’s not some rule we have written down somewhere, it’s the culture the kids have established.

I love it, and I think as adults, we could learn from it.


Because, how many of us are quick to walk into the church building, find a seat off by ourselves, and quickly make a bee-line for the exit once the service is over?

I believe church isn’t something we’re simply supposed to attend, like a meeting at work, or your kid’s choir performance – church is something we’re supposed to be a part of.

Don’t just show up and leave – instead, participate, get involved, connect, grow. And to do that, you’ve got to get to know people.

I know that as an adult this can be easier said than done, because there is no game of 4-square to jump in line for, and there’s no carpet ball to play.

Instead, connecting looks like starting up a conversation, introducing yourself, and getting to know someone new, and that can be a tough (and downright scary ) thing to do.

But it’s also so important.

The theme at my church for 2016 is #weKIN


The idea is that we are a family.

We’re a crazy collection of individuals that come from all different backgrounds and have all different stories, but we welcome, and include, and love, because that’s what families do.



As Easter Sunday quickly approaches, let’s take a cue from the kids…

Let’s not see strangers or “new people” – let’s see friends (even if we just met), let’s see family.

Because after all, #weKIN.