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Chalkboard Paint Mason Jars

With mason jars still being a fun and inexpensive way to decorate, I thought I’d come up with a simple way to incorporate them into my Valentines day decor.

I began by placing foil heart stickers onto a mason jar. Foil works better than paper stickers as the paper are much more difficult to remove after spraying.

Be sure you firmly place the stickers on the jar and smooth down all corners.

photo 4

I found these stickers at Fred Meyer for $2.99

You can even use letter stickers to create a word on your jar, like I did with the “love” jar pictured below.

After placing on your stickers, you’re ready for paint.

I used chalkboard spray paint that I also found at Fred Meyer – $4.99

photo 5

Paint the jar upside down as you’ll want to cover the bottom. I put two coats on.

After letting the jar dry for an hour, I used an x-acto knife to carefully peel away each sticker. If you had any paint run under the sticker it’s easy enough to scrape it off.

I thought these all turned out quite well. I made three different colors and use them as a centerpiece on my table (the teal and grey jar are not chalkboard paint).


I’ve also given some away for gifts and have included a couple pieces of chalk along with it.

These are great for flowers, a tea light or filled with a friend’s favorite candy.

photo 2

Let me know if you give this a try – I’d love to see yours.

Have fun!